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Frequently Asked Questions

Other “specialty” agencies in Milwaukee pledge to not employ interns, what is Butane’s stance?

Unfortunately some of the smaller, VC-funded niche providers in the area don’t value training & career development like we do. After \\ all, our leadership board has a proven track record of SHRM-certified management credentials in training and developing future leaders in marketing with the skills and coaching they need to succeed. For internship opportunities, send us an email.

What industries does Butane focus on?

We work with companies from Fortune 100 to mom and pop eCommerce shops.

How do you estimate engagements?

After having 30+ years combined experience managing organic and paid media campaigns, we’ve adopted the philosophy of taking a 100% effort-based approach to estimating both retained services and projects.

Could you provide testimonials and references?

Yes! Send our Chief Strategy Officer an email at for a list of clients, references, testimonials and case studies.