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Analytics in Digital Marketing

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In the world of digital marketing, there is always something that can be measured. Although it may seem like a wonderful thing, it can have its downfalls. The world of digital marketing is so large, that it opens the door to measure everything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Instead you should only focus on a fraction of what you can measure. You can learn how to reach the rest later in the future.

Typical analytical approaches:

  • Retrieve data
  • Analyze data
  • Interpret data

Now figuring out what data to analyze and measure may be difficult. Here are some main focus points that should help you along the way:

  • What exactly should you measure?
  • How to go about measuring correctly?

Finding what to measure

Trying to figure out what to measure ultimately depends on your business. Take a look at the business’s overall goals and make sure that they parallel with your online actions. If your main goal is to increase revenue, you shouldn’t only be using your social media platforms to sell. Try making sure to keep engagement and fan growth in the mix. If all elements are incorporated, there is a higher chance of it translating into revenue.

There are so many metrics out there, that it can be difficult to find the right one. The digital world continuously keeps evolving and more social analytic tools are popping up. Things can get overwhelming in regards to metrics because of the recommendations from blogs and articles. Now it’s obvious that everyone has an opinion and will recommend many metrics. However, it’s up to you to decide what truly matters for the success of your business. So the first of your concerns should be planning out what matters the most to your business.

Once you have figured out the necessary metrics, look at all the platforms you are currently on. Not all social media handles offer the same metrics. For example, while Facebook is able to offer a wide bandwidth of data, Instagram doesn’t offer any analytics besides the general notifications of activity. Continue to list the metrics needed to achieve success, even if the platform isn’t able to offer the information you desire. After you have complied a list of possible metrics, now it’s time for you to sit down and really figure out which ones are going to make your business succeed. A typical primary metric would be those that drive click-through rates to your site from social media. This can be done from posting blogs and gaining the attention of viewers. A secondary metric would be those that bring engagement. Aside from finding metrics that meet your business’s goal, make sure that they are benefiting the goals of the team members. Make sure your metrics align with both elements to ensure the optimal success for your business.

How to measure?

There are many ways to measure your metrics. Now since the world of analytics is immense, there are many different analytics to digital marketing. Here are some recommendations for web analytic tools that will help you measure the performance of your company’s website.

  • Google Analytics: this comprehensive tool offers a free version and Premium package, which gives you data about your website.
  • Moz: this tool gives you inbound marketing data, visualizations over a period of time, competitive insights and recommendations for improvements.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud: this tool gives you a 360-degree view of your website’s overall performance.

Now that we have discussed some web analytic tools, let’s move onto SEO analytic tools. As you will see some of the same tools are used, but feature specific SEO elements.

  • Google analytics: this allows you to access several SEO reports than allow you to see where you rank, the number of impressions your listings are getting and your click-through rates.
  • MOZ: this is a great tool when it comes to seeing how your overall social presence has on your SEO over a period of time.
  • Hubspot: this SEO tool intertwines all your content, so you are able to easily optimize your whole website. You are also able to spot SEO errors on your site immediately.

Now that you have learned some helpful insights on how to select the right metrics to measure, you are ready to jumpstart your digital analytics.

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Remarketing for the Win

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How beneficial is the use of remarketing exactly? Sources have shown that remarketed users are 70% more likely to convert. Now before we learn why the use of remarketing is imperative to the success of your business, lets discuss what remarketing is.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing shows ads to people who visited your website on a device, but did not convert. As opposed to other PPC methods, remarketing only targets individuals who took interest in your website and didn’t fully commit.

How Remarketing Works

This tool is quite easy actually. All you have to do is insert a snippet of code on your website, called a tag or pixel, and decided whether you want to track all of the sites traffic or only specific portions of the pages.  Learning how to implement remarketing on sites such as Google and Facebook will help you reach a larger audience. One of the perks of remarketing is its ability to serve up hyper-targeted content to the right individual at the right stage of the business cycle. Now what plays a huge effect in remarketing is the use of remarketing lists. These lists sort users into categories and tell certain sites which ads to display. For example, this can range from the girl who visited your landing page, but didn’t download the white paper.  Or the gentleman who abandoned his shopping cart without making a purchase.

These users would be placed on separate lists, and be shown a different ad approach, in order to attain those users. There can also be circumstances where a user may visit all pages, and that makes them eligible for many ads.

Remarketing facts that will blow your mind

If you don’t think that remarketing is useful, take a look at these statistics:

  • The average click-through rate of remarketing ads is 10-times higher than normal display ads.
  • Website visitors who are served remarketing ads are 70% more likely to convert.
  • On average just 2% of web users convert on the first visit. Remarketing is able to make the rest commit.

Remarketing creates success

The overall success of any remarketing campaign depends solely on your goals and as well as the type of campaign you are running: brand campaign or direct response.

When creating a brand campaign the main goal is generating buzz about your company and all the benefits it has to offer. The most important remarketing metrics that will give your company the greatest returns are:

  • Impressions (how many times someone saw your ad)
  • Brand Lift (measures brand awareness and purchase interest)
  • Engagement (did users take action and click on the ad/ comment?)
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

With a direct response campaigns, the main goal is to retrieve as many conversions as possible. The goals are as follows:

  • Conversions (users clicked the ad and filed out a form)
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • CPA (Cost per acquisition)

The best part about remarketing would have to be its extreme fluidity. You are able to adjust ads and make the necessary improvements, in order to fully reach your desired audience.

Make blog readers subscribers

Try making a remarketing list for those individuals who visit your blog. This will allow them to be alerted every time you post a new blog and encourages them to subscribe. Essentially it’s like e-mail marketing without having an actual email list.

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Social Media to Dive Traffic

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Social media allows customers to follow a company and learn what their service has to offer. Online social presence is a vital component to success. However, having a Twitter account can help increase traffic tremendously. Now you may be wondering how can you take people from your social media site to your website? Well have no fear because I have listed out some helpful ways to drive traffic by using your Twitter account.


The first step is reach. This is often ignored. People just remain standstill, and patiently wait for people to find their website. That is not benefiting anyone. You need to be more proactive and gain the attention of your followers. The Twitter world is far from small. There are millions of people who are actively tweeting about products and voicing their opinions. For example, if you have a company that helps people with digital marketing, there are people who are posting “ I just launched a new website and want people to hear about it.” People are posting things like these in their social media posts and aren’t receiving the proper engagement that they deserve. Take advantage of posts like these to get your name out there and drive traffic.


Having the right keywords is essential. However, the type of keywords used in social media is a little different than what you would typically, search on Google. The reason for this is that the things said on social media are just different. For example, on social media you might say, “ looking for digital marketing services” but on Google search you might type “ digital marketing agencies near me.” As you can see there’s a slight difference. With that being said, be aware of the social media platform you are on when brainstorming your keywords.


Once you have developed your keywords, the next step is to create an automated workflow to start engaging with these people. There are a number of things you can do to create an automated workflow. Here are four simple ways that create the most natural engagement for your audience:

  • Follow them
  • Like their posts
  • Add them to the subscription list
  • Direct Message them

Although there are several ways of engagement, you want to avoid using all four of these techniques. Going forth with all the elements can appear to be annoying and make the individual stray away from your company.

Making them Click

Once you start engaging with these people they will become more interested. Now to really get people’s attention with your company, you need to post things that will intrigue them to click your link. People like seeing new things that are enticing. Try posting on average 7-14 new blog posts every day. Make sure to mix up the content, but make sure it is entertaining and unique. I know this may seem like it’s too much engagement, but it’s not. The average time spent on Twitter is about 13 minutes a day. So there is a higher chance of people clicking on your posts and directing them to your website. This is utilizing and taking advantage of social media.


A smart way to make sure that people are seeing your posts is by recycling your content. People are only seeing a few posts a day because on average people are only spending a few minutes on Twitter. To ensure that your website is being visited try using third party tools that allow you to upload your blog after a certain period of time. Keeping your blog posts or content on auto-pilot allows the individual who didn’t get to see it originally a second chance.

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Increase Conversion Rates

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Increasing conversion rates is what every business wants. Now what exactly are conversion rates? Conversion rates are the percentage of potential customers who take a certain action that you want. Here are some examples of conversion rates that some business may track:

  • The percentage of website visitors who took action on your website or the number of purchases and phone calls made to your company.
  • The percentage of potential customers from phone calls
  • The percentage of proposals you win
  • The list goes on and on

Increasing Conversions Can Improve Overall Profits

There’s always room for improvements in relation to conversion rates. You could have great conversions, but you can always do better. Making improvements of conversion rates dramatically improves profits.  A good example that demonstrates this would be if you were to spend $1,000 on advertising, you could possibly bring in 1,000 potential customers to your website. If your online sales conversion rate were 5%, then you would be guaranteed 50 new customers. However, if improvements were made to your conversions and went up to 6% you would secure 60 new customers. Small improvements can make a huge difference in the grander scheme of things. In this example you would gain 10 new customers without any additional advertising costs, which increases your profits significantly.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates

There are many ways to increase your conversion rates. Below I have listed some ways to do just that.

Increasing Your Online Conversion Rates:

  1. Visible Contact Information: making sure that you are displaying your contact information, whether it be a telephone number or links to social media, typically this helps to increase conversions. This gives visitors confidence and reassurance that your company is “legit” and their questions can be answered.
  2. Social Proof: creating profiles on social media allows your customers to view your testimonials/case studies. Inevitably, this helps increase conversions. If customers are able to see proof that your services are being recognized, that will make it more likely for them to convert.
  3. Credibility: ensuring that your website has “trust” seals will always bring in conversions.
  4. Headlines: these are typically the first things that your potential customers see. Making sure that they are creative and catchy allows customers to remember your site. First impressions are everything. Having the perfect headline can drive traffic and increase your desired conversions.
  5. Guarantees: offering a guarantee to your customers gives them more confidence in your business. Having longer guarantees will normally increase your conversions.

Increasing Your Offline Conversion Rates:

Most of the same techniques that are sued to improve online conversion rates should be used offline. Simply showing pictures and testimonials will definitely increase your conversions. Most people are persuaded by visuals, so displaying your credibility and success can only benefit your company.

  1. Trial Closes: These are questions that you ask your potential customers that don’t necessarily ask for a final buying decision. Accommodating and negotiating to the customer’s needs can influence their final decision.
  2. Make customers invest time into your business. When customers are making bigger purchases, there is more time invested into your company. The customer wants to make sure they are making the right decision, which involves time and research. Instead of having quick pitches and conversions, it’s better to have a few conversations and make it natural. First learn about the prospective customers needs and wants. Following that then you can lead with your research and possible information they may perceive helpful. Lastly, you can present your proposal and show them that you are willing to work together.

Make Sure to Track Your Conversion Rates

It is vital to remember that in order to improve your results you need to keep track of them. You can’t fix what you don’t know. Tracking your results on both a daily and monthly basis allows you to find and correct your problems. Your conversions rates are so important in relation to your sales and profits. So make sure that you are constantly making improvements to increase the success of your company.

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Digital Marketing to the Rescue

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Digital marketing plays a huge part in the success of a business.  In today’s market consumers are more connected and engaged with brands. The use of digital devices and the internet makes this possible. Information is delivered to consumers quickly and in some cases right in the palm of their hand. So why is digital marketing so important? Below are a few reasons why businesses should make digital marketing the focus when reaching consumers.

Customers Live Online

The digital world is where your customers live. People are constantly online researching products and services. Customers typically use search engines like Google when making a decision. The average consumer conducts multiple searches every day, instead of listening to a sales representative or watching television advertisements. Most people enjoy finding information on their own. Research has shown that the use of social media consumes almost two-thirds of our daily lives. In order to be successful in the world of digital marketing, it’s pertinent to adapt to the needs and wants of your customers. A good indicator for a  business is if you can be found online. When a customer uses Google to do a search and your product/ service does not appear, that can be interpreted as a red flag.  Consumers want their information fast and in the most convenient way possible. When people search online they are most drawn to the results listed on the first page. This is where the use of digital marketing and SEO services come into play. If you can get your business in top rankings, you are more likely to convert your viewers to customers. This is one of the many perks of using digital marketing.

Guaranteed Response

Customers want to interact with brands that are there no matter what. Digital marketing caters to these needs. The online world allows business to be there constantly and give feedback and answer any questions. Being able to communicate to customers in a timely manner contributes to the success of your business and is another benefit of digital marketing.

Track Your Results

On top of all the added perks of using digital marketing it also allows you to track your results. This is a big advantage when trying to get your name out there. Luckily, online tools are available which, monitor consumer activity and engagement. No more trying to spend time doing countless hours of research. Results are readily available at your service. This ensures that your business is always using the most effective techniques as possible.


Digital marketing has many sectors:

  • SEM
  • App Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Video Production
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding

These features are used to help create and ensure that your business is prosperous. Digital marketing offers a wide variety of tactics and allows you to reach certain outlets that you could not be done before.

Define What You Want from the Beginning

When implementing a marketing campaign, it calls upon the input of multiple people. Now this can be difficult because not everyone has the same opinion. However, in order to be successful, team members need to discuss the overall goal from the beginning. Defining what you want from the start makes life a lot easier and more efficient. Knowing where the campaign should go makes it easier for the team members to collaborate and produce a phenomenal campaign.

Keep Track of Competitors

This can be helpful when trying to engage consumers. Before you can get out there and start succeeding you need to be aware of your competition. Learning what attracts consumers to the competitors site can help you discover what improvements can be made. Target audiences can be difficult to reach to when there are services very similar to yours. By being one step ahead of the competition this can increase the likelihood of consumers visiting your site. Luckily, by setting Google alerts you are able to monitor and keep track of your competitor’s activities. This allows you to compete with your competitors whereas this would not be possible with traditional marketing techniques.

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Brand Management

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Brand management contributes to the the success of your company. What is brand management exactly? Branding is the process of creating an identity for your business. In today’s culture brand management is more than just creating social presence on the web, it’s about engagement in meaningful ways with brand advocates. Essentially, your online reputation is your reputation. How you portray and manage yourself online is very important and plays a huge role in the success of your business.

Communication is Key

One of the most important components to having an effective brand management is proper communication. This can be achieved by having your company and domain name reflect your company’s message. Another crucial component is being able to get inside your customer’s mind. Find out what’s important to them. Consistently checking out customer responses and engagement activity on social media can help you learn what works and doesn’t. improvements can then be made accordingly. Make sure your advertising efforts capture the essence of your core message. Although slogans and campaigns can evolve over time, your message should remain the same because it is the heart and soul of your company.

Identify Your Image

Professionalism is key. Making sure that your business website, cards and logo uphold an established and credible image can benefit your company greatly. Strong and strategic branding uses design to communicate a message to customers that you want to attract. Make sure that your message creates a sense of confidence, while differentiating yourself amongst your competitors. Stand out and show the uniqueness of your company. Does your logo work?  When developing a logo make sure it matches your brand and company. This will allow your company to be more established and recognizable by your audience and ensure buyers are selecting a business that is just right for them.

Brand Continuity

Brand continuity is vital for success. It helps businesses to reinforce their image. If customers are constantly seeing the same image, it increases the likelihood of remembering your business. Truly understanding your company’s identity and message should be realized at the highest levels of brand management. If those in charge of your company’s branding isn’t aware of the desired identity than your employees won’t know it either. Businesses that do brand continuity well are the ones that make customers feel like they can enter any part of your company and feel like the same experience and brand organization is given.

The internet acts as the foundation for small business to create brand value. This channel allows business owners to take advantage of the wide audience reached and show them what they need. Brand management relies on communicating and keeping the identity of the company at the level of the desired target goal. Implementing strategic design platforms for your company is very important. When a prospective customer views your website they will first be drawn to the aesthetic on your site. First impressions are everything and its crucial to have a design that depicts your company in the best way possible.

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Importance of Customer Service

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When was the last time you had a great experience as a customer? Maybe it was the way you were approached and regarded as a valued customer. Creating an element of great customer service is pertinent for gaining clients and maintaining a positive image of your company. The most memorable experiences are those that feel natural and not forced. Organizations that do this really well have a strong culture that allows consistent behaviors from employees that create positive customer interactions. Typically, there’s a well- strategized service model implemented to guarantee that employees are upholding the company’s image and delivering an excellent customer experience. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that your client is given the most natural and memorable experience.


Make sure to reiterate your values and beliefs. At times it can be tempting to take the easy route and focus on the tactics, as opposed to the foundation of anticipated behaviors. Without beliefs in place employee behaviors can become robotic because there’s no context to make them meaningful. To keep behaviors alive, beliefs should be constantly reinforced. Consistency is key. Your beliefs should become the mantra of your business. Instilling a solid foundation of your beliefs ultimately shapes the behaviors of your associates.

Less is More

Keep your behaviors limited. This contributes to long-term success. Focusing on a select amount of beliefs helps employees learn them quicker and emulate the desired behaviors in the company. Simplicity of your behaviors lessens the likelihood of errors to occur.  Making behaviors measurable and observable allows the company and its employees to know if they are successful. If the behaviors are to broad, it can be difficult to determine if the beliefs are being met. Having measurable behaviors is an easy way to assess your overall customer service and provides more openings for leaders and managers to coach their teams.


In any organization the front-line employees have the biggest influence when it comes to creating a consistent customer experience. However, the behaviors should be applicable to every team member of the company. When creating behaviors think about how they might be appropriate for the broad spectrum of employees. Try using behaviors to guide decisions and interactions between different teams.  For example, the context and training of behaviors might be a little different for non-customer facing employees, but the intent and beliefs remain the same.

Act Natural

Avoid making behaviors scripted. Nothing is worse than feeling like a conversation is being forced. Design them in a way that allows the employees to make them their own, while still upholding the image of the company. Adding a touch of personalization not only makes the experience more natural and special for the customer, but also creates a sense of uniqueness. By doing this, the behaviors will be invisible to the customer, but will definitely make them take notice of your company’s efforts. Customers will separate you from the rest, which in turn creates a more memorable experience that fulfills their expectations.

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Let’s Remarket to Target

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Remarketing is a wonderful tool that allows marketers and businesses to display their ads to visitors that have viewed their website previously. This is done by placing a cookie on the visitor which allows businesses to display their ads on other websites they visit. Remarketing is a great way to increase conversions and is highly recommended. Here are some benefits of remarketing:

Find the Right Audience

One of the first steps in remarketing is defining your specific audience(s) you want to target. For example, you could create an audience for people who have visited your company blog, or for people who have liked specific pages on your Facebook. This will allow you to reach out to just those people with ads that suit their interests. When defining an audience, create a new marketing list in Google AdWords. From here Google will take care of the cookie settings, all you have to do is specify which website visitors to include or exclude from your desired audience. In remarketing there is an audience membership duration. This is the number of days that you follow a user around with your ads. You are able to test and revise this number to see what works best for your audience.

Gain their Attention

There are times when customers visit your website that don’t convert or even abandon their shopping cart. So how can you resolve this loss of connectivity? Retargeting allows you to reconnect with those who were interested and visited your website to begin with. We already know that these individuals are more likely to remain on the page, since they already showed interested in your business once before. Another technique to target to your visitors is by using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This is done by using the generated list of visitors to your site and finding out if they searched one of the keywords you are already bidding on. Once you discover the results you are able to bid higher on these keywords to ensure your ad is being displayed to them.

Expose Your Brand

Remarketing is a great way to increase your brands overall exposure with images that are aesthetically pleasing to your customers. When a potential customer or client is exposed to your brand multiple times, they become more familiar with your product. Inevitably, this increases the chances of them buying from you when they are finally ready to make their purchase. Remarketing also helps ensure remembrance of your company. Even if they don’t make a purchase right then and there, they will keep your image in the back of their mind for future references when looking at similar products or services.

Increased Conversions

This is one of the most important benefits. The main goal with online advertising is to turn those visitors into converters. The best way to increase conversions is having someone that has education about your product or service. Remarketing is a great way to boost your brand image and increase your conversion rate.

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Core Values

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When operating any type of business, you need to implement core values. These values not only shape your company, but reflects your image to potential clients. Here at Butane Digital we thrive on four essential values: dedication, experience, transparency and energy. We take pride in our work and the image perceived to our clients and community. Our efforts are never cut short and we always deliver the best work. To get an idea of what each value means to us I have broken them down a little further.


We are committed to being dedicated to our clients. No matter the size of the project we will always go above and beyond to ensure our focus on each client. Not only are we dedicated to delivering superb service, but we also are dedicated to educating. We want our clients to be aware and on board with our strategies. There are no hidden agendas. Our goal is to create long lasting relationships with our clients while spreading knowledge along the way. No matter what circumstances may arise we can guarantee our team will be dedicated.


Here at Butane Digital we value our expertise in digital marketing. With over a combined 35 years in the industry we are certain that our efforts will help clients drive traffic. When it comes to developing, implementing and delivering digital marketing methods we got you covered. We know what it takes to get the job done. Our campaigns are designed in the most strategic and efficient ways. Giving our clients a truthful insight on how our services can benefit them. Along the way we have added new members to our team which allows us to gain new knowledge. Butane Digital is an innovative company that is always seeking out the newest trends in marketing.


We aren’t your typical cookie cutter digital marketing agency. Here at Butane Digital we tell you how it is. We value your time so why would we waste it. Our insights are truthful yet tasteful. Each estimate is 100% customized to offer the most beneficial partnership. We see how our services can help you succeed in the long run. Every step along the way our clients are updated with new results to ensure our services are working. Our clients can guarantee that the Butane Digital’s services will meet their needs.


This is an important value for us. People thrive off of energy which creates a better environment overall. Allowing clients to see our energy and motivation toward their campaign helps them to be reassured that they are in good hands. Nothing is worse than a lack of energy and interest. Butane Digital is a lively and enthusiastic company. We want our team members to enjoy helping our clients drive traffic to their website. Energy is essential for giving fast results to clients. Our digital marketing agency isn’t like the rest of them. We embrace our quirkiness and let our talents do the talking.

Establishing these critical core values has allowed our services to thrive. Creating personable relationships with our clients and ensuring a sense of reliability has allowed us to grow. Without these values our SEO and PPC services would not be the same.

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A/B Testing

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A/B testing is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one is better. This is done when comparing two web pages by showing two variants to similar visitors at the same time. The winner is decided by the overall highest conversion rate. The main goal for all websites is to have a reason to exist. They want consumers to visit their website and buy their products/ services. Measuring the performance of a variation (A or B) means measuring the rate at which it converts its visitors to potential buyers.

Why Use A/B Testing?

This method allows you to get the most out of your existing traffic. Although the cost of acquiring paid traffic can be high, increasing your conversions is more budget friendly. The overall Return On Investment (ROI) of A/B testing can be substantial. This can be done by making simple improvements such as changing parts on a landing page or website. Inevitably, resulting in significant increases in leads generated, sales and revenue.

What Can Be Tested?

Basically anything available on your website that plays a role in visitor behavior can be A/B tested.  Some examples are listed below:

  • Headlines
  • Sub Headlines
  • Paragraph Text
  • Testimonials
  • Links
  • Images
  • Social Proof
  • Media Mentions
  • Awards and badges

More advanced testing includes sales promotions, pricing structures, free trial lengths, paid delivery and much more.

SEO Combines with A/B Testing

Here are some guidelines for running an effective A/B test with little impact on your websites’ search implementation.

  • Use 302s, not 301s: Using a temporary redirect instead of a permanent redirect will help to keep the original URL in their index rather than replacing it with the target of the redirect.
  • No Cloaking: Do not show different content to humans and Googlebot.
  • Run when necessary: Time for each reliable test will vary depending on certain factors, such as conversion rates and how much traffic has been driven to your site. Once you have collected the necessary date and a conclusion has been made, you should update your site with the correct adjustments.

A/B Process   

In order to have a successful A/B testing experiment, you need to follow a certain process. Below include the steps to achieve the desired A/B testing results.

  • Understand your Website Data: Analytic tools such as Google Analytics helps with finding problem spots in your conversion focus.
  • Be Aware of Your Users: Knowing what appeals to your visitor’s aids with conversion. Make sure to please the consumers because they are the main reason for your site’s success.
  • Form a Hypothesis: Create a hypothesis that intends to increase your conversion rate.
  • Test Said Hypothesis: In order to increase conversion, you need to figure out the most strategic and efficient way to achieve your hypothesis.
  • Analyze and Form Conclusions: Analyze the A/B test results to see which variation received the highest conversions. The obvious winner should be implemented. If results are inconclusive, repeat and reconstruct initial hypothesis.
  • Inform Others: Let other people in related fields aware of test results and the visions generated.