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Paid Media

– Paid Search (PPC), Online Display & More –

Traffic Acquisition


Visitor Conversion


Customer Retention

Activities: Management, Development & Measurement

Paid Search (PPC)

Setting up a Google Ads account and letting it run unmanaged can get expensive – quickly. We offer complete restructuring of a current paid search account, as well new account builds. When launched, we’ll professionally manage your account, big or small, by managing bids & budgets, testing ad copy, competitive positioning, bid optimizations & landing page development.


You know those display ads that follow you around after you visit a website? Yes, those. Remarketing ads help bring visitors back to your site by showing display creative on partner websites. We can develop the creative for you, or we can take what your design team creates.

Activities: Audience Development, Management & Measurement

Activities: Ad Creative Development, Management & Measurement

Online Display Advertising

Display advertising reaches far beyond search, from social media to traditional placements and comparison shopping engines. Efficiencies built by using a single platform to manage online ads on display networks and shopping campaigns allow us to utilize the inputs taken from PPC efforts and expand beyond the search box.