PPC is a marketing technique that allows business owners to display their ads on a website, in return for a fee each time a user clicks the ad. Ultimately, it is a way of buying visits to your website, as opposed to earning the visits through organic strategies. PPC offers many advantages to business owners. Let’s take a look at them below.

Fast & Measurable Results

PPC is simple and generates traffic quickly. One of the most luring benefits of PPC for advertisers is that it is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic. Once the ad goes live your website has the potential to be seen by a wide audience. This in turn drives traffic acquisition for your business. PPC campaign results can be measured easily. Metrics used in PPC allows advertisers to see if their ads are being effective in generating conversion and profit. These metrics show the number of viewers, what demographic saw the ad, number of clicks and if the clicks were effective. PPC also uses conversion pixels, such as AdWords. This tool allows you to see what key words are most effective in generating and driving traffic to your website.


PPC advertising can help your businesses gain profit. Concentrating on what you want is crucial to the success. It will be difficult if you don’t know the purpose from the beginning. Keeping a clear mind-set helps staying on track, selecting the right keywords, creating effective ad messages and increasing your conversion rates. When choosing keywords make sure to focus on specific words. Broad keywords tend to cost more and although it may generate a huge number of clicks, it won’t necessarily result to conversions.

Subliminal Branding

When advertising via PPC it’s essential to have a solid framework. Here are some key ways to build great branding:

  • Make it easier for the user to choose you.
  • Show how much you value your customers.
  • Make customers want to come back.

Make it easier for the user to choose you

Understanding your audience very well contributes to continual success of your company. If a brand is able to make it easy for us to find what we need, to get something accomplished-that brand will automatically win our hearts. Getting your ad message right is a vital contribution to your company’s success. One factor that helps make it easy for customers to choose your company is by making sure your sitelinks are organized according to your customer’s stage of interest. This not only makes it easier for your customer to find what they are looking for, but it also boosts your brand by showing them that you care.

Give your customers a variety of ways to choose you. Brands that are targeting by geography and have a local presence, should include call extensions and location extensions. By giving the customer more options, it makes them feel that they will be able to receive the same service no matter what route they decide to take.

Show how much you value your customers

This is a vital component when wanting to have a positive brand reputation. We all know not everyone can be pleased, but if you are able to anticipate the issues and immediately respond when customers are not pleased, you are winning. Studies have shown that people trust strong brands more. If there is a high level of trust, then they are more likely to forgive the mistakes because they know things will be corrected.

Make customers want to come back

Having lifelong customers is any company’s goal. Gaining your customers loyalty is what allows your company to be successful. Making customers come back, essentially allows for new ideas and techniques to be developed, as a company is always trying to come up with the next best thing and gain more customers. Remarketing plays a huge role in making customers return to your site. By strategically showing your customers what they are interested in overtime, makes them more inclined on choosing your brand. Another motive that gains customer loyalty is by suggesting products that they might be interested in. You were able to meet their needs once before, so what’s stopping you now. Simply suggesting items that are similar to their past purchases, inevitably makes them more likely to keep coming back.

PPC is a great channel when it comes to shaping and creating stories that will engage and delight your customers. Your paid search campaigns act as your brand’s story, and it’s up to you in how you tell it and make it part of your company’s brand.

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