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Visitor Conversion

– Content Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization & Analytics –

Traffic Acquisition

Visitor Conversion

Customer Retention

Competencies: User Personas, Content Inventory & Audit, User Journey Mapping

Content Strategy

Content is everywhere – it’s everything – from product descriptions to sales copy on a contact form. The Butane team believes content is king and the approach it takes on the flight from planning through development and distribution is what we call content strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What good is website content if it doesn’t perform? Using best practices built up over years of experience in working with both B2B and B2C clients along with utilizing third party usability and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools, we’ve become adept at diagnosing funnel drop-offs, cart abandonment and more.

Competencies: A/B Testing, Multi-variant Tests, Usability Studies

Competencies: Baseline Measurement, Monthly Traffic Reporting & Split Testing

Analytics & Measurement

For some, being labeled a “geek” is an insult. To our team it’s a term of endearment. On a daily basis we’re knee-deep in analytics data using a variety of platforms, third-party testing tools and good ol’ spreadsheets. We take a cause-and-effect based, business-centric approach to measurement ensuring value is added to the partnership. Our digital marketing engagements always begin with a discovery so we can align with your organization’s goals, objectives and desired visitor outcomes so we can turn actions into insights.