Starting the new year off can be full of optimism and high hopes. It’s the chance for you to start fresh and make new goals. Happiness is an essential component. No one likes working with a grouch, so why be one? Here are some simple ways to make you an overall happier person!


Yep, you heard it. Exercising plays a huge factor in productivity, which can result in better motivation and work ethic. Exercising may not appeal to everyone because of the intense stigmas placed on workouts. However, studies have shown that there is actually no difference between the moderate and low intensity workouts: you still receive the same productivity. That’s great news when it comes to exercise newbies! Hate to work out by yourself? Ask a friend or co-worker to join you! Not only will they keep you company, but also act as your boost of energy to make sure you stay on track (best of both worlds!) Enjoy some time out of the office to rid away any stress and allow your mind to be free!

Get Out There

Connections. Connections. Connections. Make it a goal to broaden your social network with colleagues you haven’t spent much time with. No matter the size of your company, get out there and be a social butterfly. Make a list of people you would like to get to know more and make it happen! Exposing yourself to new people (or people you know, but not well enough) can optimize your knowledge by inspiring your mind with new outlooks and ideas!


Nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than knowing you have made an impact and difference on someone. An easy way to accomplish this is by getting involved within your community. Make it a group effort with co-workers or take a detour from your fast paced life and go on your own, either way a difference is being made! Volunteering allows you to focus less on your problems, and be consumed by fulfillment and gratitude knowing you are doing something meaningful!

Show Appreciation

Give credit where credit is due! Recognition of one’s work or accomplishments not only reassures the individuals success, but continues engagement and instills an overall positive mood within the atmosphere. If you don’t have time to physically compliment their efforts, simply send a text or e-mail!

Think Positive

We all know that mistakes can  happen, but it’s up to you in how you move forward! Don’t be so hard on yourself, cheer up because the show must go on! Having a positive mindset allows you to detach from dwelling on the past, and continue your success. Don’t worry be happy am I right?


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