Remarketing is a wonderful tool that allows marketers and businesses to display their ads to visitors that have viewed their website previously. This is done by placing a cookie on the visitor which allows businesses to display their ads on other websites they visit. Remarketing is a great way to increase conversions and is highly recommended.  However, with anything in life there are always pros and cons.

There are many bonuses when using remarketing. It allows the audience to remember your company even if they didn’t fully convert initially. Now we all know that there can be annoyance with this technique, but here are some ways that contribute to the positive factors:


  • Finding the right audience
  • Exposure of your brand
  • Increased Conversions

Find the right audience

One of the first steps in remarketing is defining your specific audience(s) you want to target. When defining an audience, create a new marketing list in Google AdWords. From here Google will take care of the cookie settings, all you have to do is specify which website visitors to include or exclude from your desired audience. In remarketing there is an audience membership duration. This is the number of days that you follow a user around with your ads. You are able to test and revise this number to see what works best for your audience.

Exposing your brand

When a potential customer or client is exposed to your brand multiple times, they become more familiar with your product. Inevitably, this increases the chances of them buying from you when they are finally ready to make their purchase. Remarketing also helps ensure remembrance of your company. Even if they don’t make a purchase right then and there, they will keep your image in the back of their mind for future references when looking at similar products or services. Brand awareness is a vital component when it comes to the success of your business.

Increasing conversions

This is one of the most important benefits. The main goal with online advertising is to turn those visitors into converters. The best way to increase conversions is having someone that has education about your product or service. Remarketing is a great way to boost your brand image and increase your conversion rate.

Let’s continue the list of pros. Remarketing gives you a second chance. It allows you to reach out to the users that couldn’t fully commit previously. Studies have found that retargeted customers are 3 times more likely to click on your ad than people who have not been exposed with your business prior. Not everyone is a fan of remarketing techniques, although studies show that about 59% of people have a neutral reaction when interacting with such advertisements.

In order to ensure that you are taking full advantage of remarketing, here are some helpful tips that can contribute to success. The first thing you should do is put a frequency cap on your remarketing campaign. This will make sure that your audience isn’t constantly seeing your ad. A good gage limit would be about 15-20 ads per month.  Another helpful technique is burning. This means that once people convert from your remarketing ads, that they are removed from the campaign. Doing this is a simple fix that will show your user that you just aren’t bombarding everyone to make a purchase on their site.

Now let’s move onto the cons of remarketing. Yes, we all know that constantly seeing the same ad can drive people crazy and even sometimes actually drive the potential customer away. With that being said it is crucial to know how to remarket the right way. Here are some common cons that can be corrected.

When dealing with frequency capping a common downfall can be that either the customer may become annoyed by the ad, or not see it at all. Setting the cap too high or too low can impact the overall experience of the remarketed advertisement. A simple resolution to the problem is being strategic. Take into account how many times your customer actually needs to be exposed to your ad before making a purchase.

Another con in relation to remarketing is creativity. Nothing is worse than constantly seeing the same ad every time you are on your computer. It can seem artificial and boring. To make sure that your creativity isn’t lacking try rotating the ads shown to your users. Banner ads are a huge contributor when it comes to determining success. Make sure that your ads are up to date and have a fresh aesthetic to continue the engagement.

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