Social media allows customers to follow a company and learn what their service has to offer. Online social presence is a vital component to success. However, having a Twitter account can help increase traffic tremendously. Now you may be wondering how can you take people from your social media site to your website? Well have no fear because I have listed out some helpful ways to drive traffic by using your Twitter account.


The first step is reach. This is often ignored. People just remain standstill, and patiently wait for people to find their website. That is not benefiting anyone. You need to be more proactive and gain the attention of your followers. The Twitter world is far from small. There are millions of people who are actively tweeting about products and voicing their opinions. For example, if you have a company that helps people with digital marketing, there are people who are posting “ I just launched a new website and want people to hear about it.” People are posting things like these in their social media posts and aren’t receiving the proper engagement that they deserve. Take advantage of posts like these to get your name out there and drive traffic.


Having the right keywords is essential. However, the type of keywords used in social media is a little different than what you would typically, search on Google. The reason for this is that the things said on social media are just different. For example, on social media you might say, “ looking for digital marketing services” but on Google search you might type “ digital marketing agencies near me.” As you can see there’s a slight difference. With that being said, be aware of the social media platform you are on when brainstorming your keywords.


Once you have developed your keywords, the next step is to create an automated workflow to start engaging with these people. There are a number of things you can do to create an automated workflow. Here are four simple ways that create the most natural engagement for your audience:

  • Follow them
  • Like their posts
  • Add them to the subscription list
  • Direct Message them

Although there are several ways of engagement, you want to avoid using all four of these techniques. Going forth with all the elements can appear to be annoying and make the individual stray away from your company.

Making them Click

Once you start engaging with these people they will become more interested. Now to really get people’s attention with your company, you need to post things that will intrigue them to click your link. People like seeing new things that are enticing. Try posting on average 7-14 new blog posts every day. Make sure to mix up the content, but make sure it is entertaining and unique. I know this may seem like it’s too much engagement, but it’s not. The average time spent on Twitter is about 13 minutes a day. So there is a higher chance of people clicking on your posts and directing them to your website. This is utilizing and taking advantage of social media.


A smart way to make sure that people are seeing your posts is by recycling your content. People are only seeing a few posts a day because on average people are only spending a few minutes on Twitter. To ensure that your website is being visited try using third party tools that allow you to upload your blog after a certain period of time. Keeping your blog posts or content on auto-pilot allows the individual who didn’t get to see it originally a second chance.

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